In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen, we saw the ever present and sometimes fun ‘Coaches Challenge’, we heard about Dylan Andrews’ troubled past without actually hearing any details, and then there was the fight between Team Jones’s Andrews and Team Sonnen’s Zack Cummings. Also, the wildcard fight was decided. Here’s five things we learned…


#1 Uriah Hall is a lousy confidante

At the beginning of the show, as per the usual in the build-ups to fights, we heard all about a fighter’s past and who he’s fighting for, etc. This time it was Andrews who poured his heart out to probably the last man in the house you’d want to do so in Uriah Hall, who just sat there looking completely confused and/or shocked at either what Andrews had to say or why he was telling him. He’ll never make an agony aunt anyway.


#2 The Coaches Challenge: Another Chael Sonnen Masterclass

In this season’s edition of ‘The Coaches’ Challenge’, Dana White got both Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones to operate some heavy machinery in a race to fill a large dumpster with dirt, before making a pyramid of tires, then doing something with a basketball. The most entertaining part of the whole thing though was Sonnen trash-talking Jones while the light-heavyweight champion grew more frustrated at losing another challenge to Sonnen this season. What can’t Sonnen do?? Probably win an actual fight against Jones, but now’s not the time for that.


#3 The Fight: Zack Cummings vs. Dylan Andrews

So onto the fight itself between Team Jones’s Dylan Andrews and Team Sonnen’s Cummings. In the first round Cummings started well, landing some shots before taking Andrews down and delivering elbows. Andrews did nothing until he burst into a sweep, landing in Cummings’s guard before starting to throw some sick elbows of his own, all the while bleeding profusely from his head. In the second it was more straightforward as Cummings’s flying knee attempt afforded Andrews a takedown, ending with him in half-guard. A few elbows were dropped in an otherwise boring round. The judges gave it to Andrews via majority decision, but the performance won’t have send shivers up anybody’s spine.


#4 Dana hands over power!

Well, kind of. For the first time ever, White gave up his executive power over wildcard picks to the coaches, in a move that will send shockwaves throughout the sporting world no doubt. Left awkwardly in the official TUF hallway, Sonnen and Jones discussed their options, with Sonnen easily choosing to bring back Kevin Casey. Jones wasn’t so sure, as he was torn between his number one pick in Clint Hester and his long-time teammate Bubba McDaniel. Eventually he announced that he’s going with McDaniel (no surprise), who is none to bothered with being chosen mainly because of his prior affiliations with Jones. It does have the makings of a great fight, though.


#5 Next week…

Next week’s preview of TUF showed us that we have some Thanksgiving quarrels over food to look forward to, as well as the “multi-skilled” Bubba versus the “jiu-jitsu master” Kevin Casey (seriously?). Rickson Gracie eat your heart out. Oh yeah, and we have another one of “the most shocking finishes in TUF history” to look forward to. My nerves just can’t take many more of those.


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen episode four airs next Tuesday at 9pm on FX (as well as 2am Wednesday morning on ESPN UK for those in the UK and Ireland) as Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey takes on Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel in the wildcard fight.