Could it be true? Could we see villain vs villain coaches on ‘The Ultimate FIghter’ season 14, followed by a fight to find top middleweight contender? According to sports Journalist, Dave Melzer the plans for such a face-off are already in action.

“The plan from Spike TV and UFC for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, which would air September through December, is to have Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping as coaches to build to a PPV match in December,” wrote Melzer. “The winner would likely be in line for the first middleweight title match of 2012.”

“Neither UFC nor Spike can publicly announce this due to Sonnen not being licensed in Nevada. … The decision, rumoured for weeks, is controversial and will likely be heavily criticized if it does happen.”

The two have already started banter back and forth on different media sources hyping the alleged fight as both men have shown a desire for the fight. As of now it is only a rumor as Metzer says as we are still in the start of TUF 13. Also for such a battle to take place, Sonnen will need to clear up all his court issues before August.