Here we are with the main event, which kicks serious ass. Former champ Rafael dos Anjos is taking on TUF winner and contender Tony Ferguson. The winner of this one definitely deserves a shot at the belt. Definitely.

Ferguson may have a six-inch reach advantage, but RDA makes it hard for him to exploit it which precise leg-kicks that take away his footing. When Ferguson tries to mix in kicks himself, the Brazilian clocks him with lefts, and with a minute and a half to go in the round they’re on the ground briefly when Ferguson has his legs kicked out from under him.

Whatever adjustments that needed to get made are made, and Ferguson is suddenly landing repeatedly on RDA’s face, marking up the former champ something fierce. Dos Anjos does his best to return fire, but Ferguson’s ability to stand in range and slip punches have him nailing the Brazilian over and over again.

It’s Dos Anjos’ turn to make adjustments, and he does in Round 3, chipping away at Ferguson with kicks and hard punches that seem to slow the American down. Ferguson keeps banging him up, and RDA is bloody, but damage is flowing in both directions now.

Ferguson turns the “funk” way up in Round 4, and literally starts jiving around, dancing in and tagging RDA before dancing out. Dos Anjos hits him back, but Ferguson is doing his thing, and that thing is a thing of beauty. Twice he shrugs off takedown attempts, and his pursuit is constant.

The final round and RDA’s face is a wreck. Ferguson, meanwhile, is dancing and chasing, eating single punches but unloading with combos. The horns sounds and Ferguson is smiling. Did he take the decision?


Results: Tony Ferguson def. Rafael dos Anjos via Unanimous Decision