Charles Oliveira missed weight by nine pounds. Ricardo Lamas was supposed to fight BJ Penn, but that fight went into the crapper, so he wasn’t about to balk at fighting the chubby Brazilian. So here we are.

They tie up within the first 30 seconds, and Lamas tosses Oliveira down, doing his best to stay in half-guard lest he fall prey to something tricky from the Brazilian’s dangerous guard. Still, Oliveira manages to threaten with a heelhook, and when they scramble up he nearly takes Lamas’ back. Instead, Oliveira scores a takedown, and he cinches on a D’Arce that Lamas has to work to get out of. By the final minute they’ve scramble some more and now Oliveira is firmly stuck on Lamas’ back, and the former featherweight contender is on the defense, defending the choke. He barely survives to the horn.

Round 2 opens with them lighting each other up with punches, and when Oliveira nails a takedown Lamas sweeps him and lands in top position. They scramble, and when Oliveira seemingly gets a takedown, Lamas latches onto his neck with an arm-in guillotine… and taps out the submission wizard.


Results: Ricardo Lamas def. Charles Oliveira via Submission (Guillotine) at 2:13, R2