Diego Sanchez is still getting into the cage for some reason. Marcin Held has eschewed getting into the Bellator cage for the UFC one. His first stop on the Octagon Leg-Breaking Tour: Sanchez.

Oh Lord, why?

Held has never been a threat on the feet, but compared to the stiff and herky-jerky Sanchez, he’s seems absolutely deadly, and Sanchez too frequently blocking punches with his forehead. Oh man, Held even lands a cartwheel kick. The TUF 1 winner shoots for a takedown against the fence with a minute left, and when Held slaps on a ridiculously tight guillotine, Sanchez runs up the side of the cage like a cartoon character and escapes. He gets wobbled at the horn, but he’s still in the fight.

Round 2 opens with Held rolling into a heelhook, and Sanchez scrambles and counters and punches until he’s out of danger and on top. Rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat, and we’re reminded that Sanchez has always had some damn good grappling. The Octagon rookie is left huffing and puffing, and Sanchez, well, he’s used to huffing and puffing.

The third sees a very winded Held score with punches on the feet then inexplicably shoot for a takedown. That turns into another scramble, with Held hunting for leg submission and Sanchez countering and pounding away. Throughout Sanchez is constantly stifling Held, and when he secures mount late in the round, that pretty much seals the deal on his decision win.


Results: Diego Sanchez def. Marcin Held via Unanimous Decision