TUF Brasil 3 heavyweight final

-Antonio Carlos Jr. vs. Vitor Miranda

Round 1: Carlos wades in with punches and clinches Miranda against the cage, and it seems like that will be the gameplan for him. Indeed, after a brief break to give Miranda some time to recover from a knee to the groin, Carlos keeps up with the pressure and twice scoops him up and dumps him to the canvas, feeding him fists all the while. The round ends with both trading kicks and punches on the feet.

Round 2: The takedown comes early for Carlos, and he settles into top position, not really doing much damage but remaining in control for the most part. Miranda keeps calm though, and reverses with about a minute left to drop some elbows. Once more the round ends with them standing.

Round 3: It’s all about the wrestling, which Carlos uses to great effect to stifle and keep Miranda on his back. No one takes much damage, but the control is there, and it belongs to Carlos.

Result: Antonio Carlos Jr. def. Vitor Miranda via Unanimous Decision