-Rony Jason vs. Robert Peralta

Round 1: Peralta comes out with both guns blazing, and Jason slows him down nicely with a judo throw that sends him flying, a spinning elbow to the chops, and some hard leather during the exchanges. The excitement level is high due to these guys really going at it, and the end of the round has Jason attempting a flying knee and Peralta catching it and throwing him down.

Round 2: The scrap continues with Peralta rushing forward landing punches, and Jason taking him down only to be reversed. Peralta escapes a perilously close triangle, and when they’re back on the feet it’s bang time in the Octagon, putting forth some top-notch violence.

Round 3: Things grind to a halt when Peralta takes an inadvertent finger to the eye. Referee Mario Yamasaki gives him a moment (and an impromptu eye examination), and then the fighters are back at it, throwing knuckle sandwiches with bad intentions. The round ends with both men trading takedowns.

Results: Robbie Peralta def. Rony Jason via Split Decision