-Paulo Thiago vs. Gasan Umalotov

Round 1: The first strike the Russian throws is a spinning back-kick, which should give you some indication of his level of confidence. Umalotov doesn’t really unload at any point though, instead seemingly content to meet Thiago’s apprehensive striking with measured kicks and punches. Neither shows any dominance in the grappling department, and the round ends with them clinched against the fence.

Round 2: Thiago gets put on the defensive early when his takedown attempt is met with a brick wall of a sprawl, and when he gets back to the feet, Umalotov continues to control the range with his varied striking attack. Subsequent takedown attempts are met with similar resistance, although Thiago does find success in the waning 20 seconds of the round, and he spends that time wailing on his foe to possibly steal the frame.

Round 3: Thiago comes out a bit emboldened by his success in the prior round, and he stands and throws hands a bit more, outstripping the Russian’s output. Umalotov continues throwing wild punches and spinning kicks, and with neither man really hurting the other, the round is the epitome of “tough to score” when the horn sounds.

Result: Gasan Umalotov def. Paulo Thiago via Unanimous Decision