-Mark Eddiva vs. Kevin Souza

Round 1: Souza sports the kind of height and reach advantage that just begs for a stand-up battle – which he engages in with Eddiva almost from the get-go. The early going is somewhat even, with Eddiva clipping his opponent while Souza is lunging in. But then the round turns into “Rock ‘Em-Sock ‘Em Robots”, and Eddiva is just standing there eating punches while a wobbly Souza is hitting him again and again.

Round 2: Someone must have whispered the word “caution” into Souza’s ear during the break, because when he comes out he’s a bit measured. He scores though, and in the last minute of the frame he again becomes frenzied, blasting away at a defenseless Eddiva until finally referee Herb Dean steps in.

Result: Kevin Souza def. Mark Eddiva via TKO (Punches) at  4:52, R2