-Ernest Chavez vs. Elias Silverio

Round 1: Chavez did his homework and knows Silverio’s got Muay Thai skills for days, and starts off with a ton of lateral movement and flurries over the top. Silverio does his best to slow him down – with a Thai clinch and some tie-ups against the fence – but the bout is pretty even by the time the round is through.

Round 2: Silverio chases his opponent down with kicks, which encourages Chavez to seek the clinch. After a brief stalemate, the referee separates them, and with distance and range on his side, Silverio scores more and more. In the final 30 seconds the Muay Thai fighter hits Chavez in the body and visibly hurts him, but despite being in pain, Chavez survives to the horn.

Round 3: Silverio and Chavez ease into a boxing match for the first minute and a half, and it ends when Silverio kicks his foe in the junk. A brief recovery period and restart has Chavez on the defensive, but he ties up, then turns the tide on the break and forces Silverio to defend with punching combos that start finding their mark. Silverio’s answer is to spin around to Chavez’s back, pull him down, and sink in the rear naked choke for the tap out.

Result: Elias Silverio def. Ernest Chavez via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:21, R3