-Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev

Round 1: Amazingly, one of the best grapplers to ever set foot in the Octagon is quite content to box his opponent, and Yakovlev stays on his bicycle trying to avoid it. Maia still lands a good one though, and after a left sends Yakovlev falling to the canvas, the Brazilian takes mount and methodically drops fists and elbows. That’s pretty much the story of the last three minutes of the round.

Round 2: You know you’re screwed when you have to resort to shooting for a takedown in Demian Maia, but that’s exactly what Yakovlev does. Maia sprawls, reverses and again eases into mount, and you have to wonder if Yakovlev had done any research on what it meant to fight in the UFC or even just do an MMA bout. To his credit, Yakovlev does manage to reverse and land within the Brazilian’s guard, but they stalemate there and time runs out.

Round 3: Yakovlev is inexplicably fresher, and proves this by taking Maia down in the opening minute of the round. They get back to their feet, where Maia absorbs kicks and punches, and the former middleweight contender rushes in and hits the bodylock takedown into mount. Aside from the last few seconds on the feet, that’s about where the rest of the action is.

Result: Demian Maia def. Alexander Yakovlev via Unanimous Decision