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The theme for TUF 25 was all about redemption, with a bunch of past TUFers coming back for another chance to prove themselves. And there seemed to be a lot of redemption going around, with washouts from prior seasons choking out winners and others and acquitting themselves pretty damn well. But the main storyline ended up being Jesse Taylor’s comeback, who got kicked off his respective season for drunken shenanigans, yet ultimately won TUF 25 by choking out Dhiego Lima.

Too bad he was juiced up for it.

Now Taylor is suspended for a year, and Lima is… somewhat upset.

As per MMAJunkie:

“For our fight, he knew our anti-doping would only be a normal pee test,” Lima told MMAjunkie. “So he must have done a cycle for that. And then, one month later, he flunked with a post-cycle drug. Of course he was taking stuff to fight me.”

“His story was amazing,” Lima said. “What he did the first time, what he did to return. But if he can sleep at night knowing that he had to cheat to beat me? That’s his problem. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing I had to cheat to get something like this.

“He fought well and all, but I knew what I had to do. If he can sleep at night, that’s good for him. But I wouldn’t be able to.”