There’s a new episode of TUF 25 tonight, and apparently the season that’s bringing back past contestants has former TUFer Tom Gallicchio taking on TUF winner Eddie Gordon.

As a Northeast-based MMA journalist, I got to see just about all of Gallicchio’s local fights (Gordon’s too, but that’s for another post). You see, Gallicchio was a part-time DJ from New Jersey, and for the longest time was simply a dude polishing his rear naked choke in the regional circuit, a total blue collar weekend-warrior who’d fight on cards in college gymnasiums and Atlantic City casinos. And you could never find a more laid-back and friendlier person.

Since then, he moved out to California, became a jiu-jitsu specialist, has had some surgeries and ups and downs – basically, the standard path of the modern MMA warrior nowadays.

Here’s a preview vid the UFC has put together in his honor. Watch it, and know that Gallicchio truly is cool as hell.