After the apocalypse wipes out most of civilization – whether it be via nuclear fire or engineered superflu or just flesh-eating zombies – there won’t be much to remember mankind by besides the remnants of our grand cities and monuments to our own hubris. And oh yeah, there will probably still be “The Ultimate Fighter”.

The Ultimate Fighter has managed to outlive pretty much all expectations, airing first as a ground-breaking reality TV show and eventually evolving into a religion of pugilism and pissed-on pillows. It is timeless! Undying! And tonight, the first episode of the 25th season airs.

Supposedly the TUF House is filled with past UFCers and TUFers, but really, that’s a detail that no longer matters. What matters is this thing is still going on, that somewhere, in some country, someone is watching it, just like they’ll be until the end of time.

Some preview vids for you: