James Krause walked into the TUF House for TUF 25 still under contract with the UFC, so it’s not like he needed any kind of “redemption”. Tom Gallicchio, however, definitely could have used a healthy dose, as he failed to make it into the TUF House in his respective season. And whoa nelly did he earn that redemption, choking out TUF winner Eddie Gordon and winning over fans with his insane durability and ability to find a rear naked choke when he needed it most. In the end, both Krause and Gallicchio lost before making it to the finals, so here we are, the two top runners-up going at it.

Round 1 unfolds with Gallicchio pursuing and hunting for a takedown, and Krause picking at him with strikes while staying mobile. Gallicchio does manage to a takedown, and almost gets both hooks in (which usually spells doom for his opponents, because the choke cometh), but Krause scrambles up and resumes tagging and bloodying the man chasing him around the cage.

The second and third rounds are more of the same in terms of Gallicchio running forward trying to get his hands on Krause and Krause nailing him with laser-accurate strikes before moving out of the way. Gallicchio keeps coming, smiling and beckoning him for more, but he can’t get that takedown, and that’s what he needs the most.


Results: James Krause def. Tom Gallicchio via Unanimous Decision