Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of the TUF 25 Finale, which has as its main event a former World Series of Fighting star in Justin Gaethje taking on highly-ranked UFCer Michael Johnson, while the undercard is populated with fights that are somehow related to the Ultimate Fighter. Who knows.

First up: Gray Marnard and Teruto Ishihara.

Maynard was once a top lightweight, but then his chin went to hell and he took some time off to heal it. Since returning, he did the dance (literally, they didn’t fight, they just danced) with Ryan Hall and lost a decision, so now the UFC is giving him knockout specialist Teruto Ishihara. Oh well. That’s one way to figure out if chins can get better.

Round 1 sees Maynard doing exactly what he needs to do to stay alive: takedowns, takedowns, takedowns. Ishihara is aces at wall-walking back up, and keep his opponent from taking his back, but every time he gets up he goes back down.

Maynard does it all over again in the second, wrestling Ishihara to bits, and whenever the Japanese fighter does manage to throw something in his brief moments upright (like a jumping knee), it’s just a momentary interlude before going horizontal.

The third round is pretty much a carbon copy of the first two, although Ishihara does land an illegal upkick that the ref just waves off. Nice job, Gray. You stayed alive.


Results: Gray Maynard def. Teruto Ishihara via Unanimous Decision