Ed Herman was the top runner-up for TUF 3. CB Dollaway was runner-up for TUF 7. Nowadays, they’re racking up losses like the letter “L” will one day be a collectors item. But they have to eat, so in the UFC’s benevolence, we have this fight.

Herman wastes no time wobbling Dollaway with a punch, so Dollaway wastes no time taking him down. But Herman is a submission threat from off his back, and he can scramble well enough – well, not well enough to get up, but enough to dodges whatever Dollaway contemplates fishing for while on top. Dollaway takes the round when time runs out by virtue of his wrestling control.

Round 2 opens with Herman throwing heavy leather, Dollaway throwing high-kicks in between huffing and puffing, and Herman knocking him down. They scramble a bit, with Dollaway attacking his foe’s legs to create openings. Ultimately, Herman is the last man on top, so he probably takes the round.

The final round has Dollaway shooting for a takedown and having to deal with a guillotine attempt. He eventually works free, and when Herman hunts for a kimura they scramble (as they are wont to do). Dollaway keeps his wits about him, though, and maintains top position all the way to the bell.


Results: CB Dollaway def. Ed Herman