Angela Hill came into the UFC too soon in her career, and her brief sojourn to Invicta FC has worked wonders – both in sharpening her game and ratcheting up her ability to entertain. Yoder has only fought once in the Octagon – a losing effort to Justine Kish – so she’s still trying to find her legs.

Round 1 is all about Hill finding her timing and range with her strikes, and incrementally opening up her toolbox and throwing something else in the mix as the minutes tick by. This translates into her sticking her jab in Yoder’s face at first, and in the final seconds, rattling off kick-and-punch combo that threaten to set Yoder’s hair on fire. For her part, Yoder lands a few heavy strikes herself, and even throws Hill to the canvas, but in terms of striking success, Hill is already edging ahead.

Yoder opens the second round with a takedown, and she uses her not inconsiderable ground skills to keep Hill on her back and defensive for a while. She doesn’t do a lot of damage, or really threaten with any subs, but position matters, and though Hill eventually gets up and punishes her, you have to think Yoder’s time in the driver’s seat gave her the round.

Round 3 sees Yoder score with a takedown, but this time Hill gets up after only a short while. Hill, in turn, goes for a takedown, and after fending off a guillotine attempt, she stands up and resumes out-striking her foe. That’s how it goes until the final bell.


Results: Angela Hill def. Ashley Yoder via Unanimous Decision