The knock against Sara McMann is that, as a Olympic silver medalist in wrestling, she has all the potential in the world, she just hasn’t lived up to it in the cage.

Well, tonight she started to show it, tapping out the veteran Alexis Davis.

Things started off a little rough, though. In the opening sequence of Round 1, McMann came out blazing away with some much improved boxing, and her and Davis traded and dinged each other up. But McMann seamlessly changed levels and took her opponent down, and as usual, became mired in her opponent’s guard. The entanglement – which was as much due to McMann’s willingness to stay there as it was Davis’ jiu-jitsu skills – eventually saw the Olympian fending off triangle attempts, and eating a steady stream of elbows that definitely rattled her.

Round 2 began with another exchange, and this time McMann hip tossed Davis to the canvas. However, instead of playing the role of sitting duck, McMann went on the offensive, securing a head/arm choke while methodically working to pass guard. And when she did finally pass, it was suddenly Squeeze City, population: Alexis Davis. Davis had no choice but to tap out.

It was a great performance, and hopefully a sign that McMann has evolved.


Results: Sara McMann def. Alexis Davis via Submission (Head/Arm Choke) at 2:52, R2