It’s a one in a million prospect that a fighter will somehow get his foot stuck in the cage, but the odds were against Jake Ellenberger in his fight against Jorge Masvidal.

It started off exciting as hell. After some brief exchanges where both men felt each other out with strikes, Masvidal clipped Ellenberger and sent him tumbling to the canvas, and the ensuing storm of leather very nearly had referee Herb Dean jumping in. Ellenberger recovered though, and despite a bloody nose, leaped right back into battle.

And then he got his foot stuck in the space where the cage and the canvas meet. Masvidal pounced, and this time, in the face of an immobile Ellenberger, the referee stoppage did come.

It was, of course, a crappy stoppage, and the bout should have been ruled a “no contest”. Hopefully, Ellenberger files an appeal.


Results: Jorge Masvidal def. Jake Ellenberger via TKO (Punches) at 4:05, R1