He may not resonate with fans like the Conor McGregors and Nate Diazs of the world, but champ Demetrious Johnson certainly is the best.

And damn did TUF 24 winner Tim Elliot very nearly finish him in the first round of their TUF 24 Finale main event scrap.

Showing absolutely no fear, Elliott met the champ head on, and after some slick grappling was soon applying a tight D’Arce Choke. Johnson didn’t tap, and after working his way out from seemingly certain doom, was soon back on his feet… where he walked into an Elliott left hand that dropped him to the canvas. The first round ended with Elliott on top, and the big question hanging in the air was: “Is this the end of Mighty Mouse’s reign?”

But Johnson, who brings a keen mind into the cage along with a razor-sharp skillset, made adjustments, and whatever openings Elliott had been able to exploit in his scrambles and footwork were soon sewn up tight. What followed was four rounds of the champ staying one step ahead, with a tight rear naked choke attempt by Johnson nearly ending things in Round 4.

When time expired it was a clear-cut decision win for the champ, but it’s hard to argue against Elliott’s worthiness as a top contender. He kicked a lot of ass.


Results: Demetrious Johnson def. Tim Elliott via Unanimous Decision