I watched not a single episode of the 23rd season of The Ultimate Fighter. Therefore, I have no idea about the storylines or drama surrounding the two female strawweight finalists. But I do know that Tatiana Suarez and Amanda Cooper really wanted the top honors for themselves.

The bout opened with Suarez establishing wrestling dominance via a takedown and top control, and it became clear that she had the superior skillset when it came to takedowns and scrambles. Cooper was game – she reversed at one point, threatened with an armbar, and went for a guillotine. But Suarez kept up the pressure, and it wasn’t long before she had a D’Arce choke secured and had Cooper tapping.

Suarez is your new Ultimate Fighter.


Result: Tatiana Suarez def. Amanda Cooper via Submission (D’Arce choke) at 3:43, R1


Oh, hey, turns out there are men fighting to be TUF 23 winners, too. Khalil Roundtree versus Andrew Sanchez are doing their thing at light-heavyweight.

Roundtree is the one with the power and Sanchez is the one with the wrestling, so all of Round 1 is about Sanchez wrestling his foe to death. Seriously, Roundtree does okay keeping him off at first, but then he’s just on the canvas for the rest of the frame, and things aren’t looking good for him.

It takes a minute and a half into Round 2 for Sanchez to secure the takedown, and though he’s tired as hell, his opponent is huffing and puffing worse. The entire round has him on top delivering punishment.

Another minute and a half in and another takedown for Sanchez. Ugh. Roundtree’s got nothing in terms of preventing the inevitable.

Sanchez is your TUF 23 winner.


Result: Andrew Sanchez def. Khalil Roundtree via Unanimous Decision