Up next are the flyweights – a division that has yet to really takeoff in the UFC. Hopefully former title challenger John Moraga and Brazilian Matheus Nicolau can do something about that.

They throw roughly zero strikes for the first minute and a half, content instead to flit about and ponder and maybe be cautious. Gradually they engage though, but aside from some brief flurries of action – Moraga jumping in, throwing a combo and jumping out, or Nicolau jumping in, throwing a combo and jumping out – there really isn’t anything thrilling about Round 1.

Maybe they’re a little less tentative in Round 2, but they’re certainly not going for it, with Nicolau and Moraga doing pretty much the same thing they did in the first. Sure, there are kicks to the body, and Moraga attempts a takedown at one point, but they’re not doing the division any favors with this fight.

The crowd starts booing in Round 3, which pretty much says it all. In terms of scoring, it’s woefully close until the final minute, when Nicolau scores a takedown and manages a bit of ground and pound. Sorry folks, this fight sucked.


Result: Mattheus Nicolau def. John Moraga via Split Decision