When they last fought, Joanna Jedrzejczyk was supposed to be a tune up fight for Claudia Gadelha, who was pegged to be the first challenger of the newly-minted female strawweight champ. But Jedrzejczyk surprised all by taking the narrow split decision, and then she dethroned the champ and beat back all comers. So now Gadelha gets a chance to try to prove the first fight was a fluke, or Jedrzejczyk gets to show once and for all that she’s the better fighter.

So who ya got?

Gadelha puts the champ on her butt with a jab within the first five seconds, then scores a takedown, forcing Jedrzejczyk to have to work out from underneath. Eventually she does and makes it back to her feet, but the Brazilian throws her down again and pressures the hell out of her. It takes some doing before Jedrzejczyk gets up. This time it’s Gadelha who’s breathing heavy, and the champ tries her best to make up lost ground with her superior Muay Thai. Round 1 ends with them on their feet.

The takedown comes within the first minute, and the champ has to work real hard to get back up. When she does, Gadelha smothers her like crazy against the fence, and maintains control for nearly the entirety of Round 2. At one point Jedrzejczyk throws her, but she doesn’t keep top position for long.

Gadelha scores the takedown right on cue in the third; however, she’s exhausted, and Jedrzejczyk is so much fresher and so much better on the feet, and she really batters Gadelha. The Brazilian scores with a few right hands, and stumbles her with an elbow, but Round 3 is both brutal and close.

All of the fourth round is spent on the feet, and of course it’s all about a spry and quick Jedrzejczyk utterly picking apart Gadelha with every tool in her striking arsenal. Gadelha is just a walking punching bag at this point.

The challenger rallies enough to fight back in the fifth, and though she isn’t able to finish any takedowns, she at least fires back with her right hand in the exchanges. Meanwhile, Jedrzejczyk keeps pecking away with punches and elbows, and the horn sounds with Gadelha trying hard to get another takedown.


Result: Joanna Jedrzejczyk  def. Claudia Gadelha via Unanimous Decision