In his day, Gray Maynard was one of the best lightweights in the division, waging some insane wars with Frankie Edgar. But then his jaw turned to glass, and, well, things got ugly. But after a layoff Maynard is back, and he’s giving the featherweight division a go. Will TUF Brasil vet Fernando Bruno put him into total retirement?

Bruno apparently watched Maynard’s last few fights because he comes out blazing away, flurrying and trying hard to knock the American out. Maynard covers up, then fires back in kind, and we’re suddenly watching a slobberknocker unfold. The Brazilian tries for a takedown, manages to whizzer Maynard onto his head, but gets tossed about and out-wrestled, and Maynard batters him. At one point Bruno catches him flush with a hook to the jaw. It gets shrugged off as if it never landed – I guess that answers the question about Maynard’s chin! Bruno scores one takedown late, but otherwise the round belongs to the former lightweight contender.

The resume banging away in the second, and after two minutes Maynard takes him down and works him over wrestling-style. Bruno maybe goes for one kimura attempt that gets shut down, while the former collegiate wrestler threatens with a guillotine and otherwise ties him in knots.

The Brazilian opens Round 3 with a takedown attempt from way too outside, which prompts “The Bully” to simply push him down, get on top, and punch away. For about 15 seconds Bruno slips on a guillotine and forces Maynard to defend, but it ain’t no thing, and the horn sounds with an exhausted Bruno clearly just glad it’s all over.


Result: Gray Maynard def. Fernando Bruno via Unanimous Decision