As reported yesterday, Bellator MMA fighter War Machine, aka Jon Koppenhaver, has been on the run from Las Vegas police since a violent altercation last week. His ex-girlfriend Christy Mack described a brutal attack, and included pictures of harrowing injuries. (Please be aware of unsettling pictures and descriptions of domestic violence at that link.)

Today, UFC veteran Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz, who befriended War Machine while appearing on the sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter, has now reported that the fugitive MMA fighter was “found” by bail bondsman Duane “Dog” Chapman.

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At 11:23 Hawaii time (that’s 2:23 PST/5:23 EST), Mandaloniz posted this message on his Twitter account:

Chapman, known for his television series “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” had announced he was searching for War Machine late last night on his Twitter account:

Mandaloniz was among several friends War Machine listed from Hawaii in past media reports.

Update: Mandaloniz tweeted that his original post was in error:

War Machine remains at large, but Chapman in pursuit. We will follow up on this story soon.