It wasn’t that long ago when Travis Browne’s then-wife accused him of domestic violence. Nothing ever came of the investigation, but for a newscycle or two, Browne got raked over the coals by the media.

That has left him a little bitter.

As per MMAFighting:

“A gripe of mine that honestly — and all you guys are with the media — is that nobody questioned her,” Browne said. “Everybody put their eyes on me. Everybody made stories on me. And when I was reinstated, that was the only headline: ‘Travis Browne was reinstated.’ And I’ll be honest. You guys as media kind of let me down. I’ll say that in that sense, because we’re all being professional. That’s what let me down.”

“They don’t see what goes on behind closed doors,” Browne said of fans and the media. “I’ve been open until last summer when again I felt like I was done wrong, like I wasn’t given my shot. I don’t know. I’ve just gotta go out there and live my happy and be happy. Being happy is the best way to deal with those things.”

Yeah, the media can suck sometimes. No argument here.