Pablo Popovitch has released a statement concerning what went down with former UFC fighter Thiago Silva Thursday night in Florida.

Popovitch owns and operates a gym that Silva trained at.

Silva, who was cut from the UFC on Friday after appearing in court and being held without bond on multiple charges, was separated from his wife, according to the statement by Popovitch.

Here’s what the trainer posted on Facebook:

Concerning the incident that took place at Academy last night. During our evening class, at around 7:45pm. Thiago Silva was outside sitting in his car honking the horn non-stop. Thaysa went outside to talk to Thiago to understand what was happening and saw a gun. After that, I went to see what was happening and also saw that he had a gun. He seemed to be under the influence of some type of drug whether alcohol or drugs. My staff notified the police at that time, and soon after the police arrived. He took off and the police went after him.

Thaysa has been separated and living alone since December of 2012. Thiago has been charged with battery in the past and was seeing other girls and moving on with his own life.

It’s very unfortunate that this had to happen, the last thing I wanted us to see Thiago in this manner. I wish him all the best and hope this will soon be over.