There are fighters who are good at every aspect of MMA, and then there are those who excel in a single aspect – whether it be striking, wrestling or submissions. Those fighters can pull off spectacular finishes, and those moves become almost synonymous with that fighter. Whether it is Ronda Rousey going for an armbar or Chuck Liddell throwing the overhand right, their opponent knew the move was coming, but most of them had no way of stopping it. So here is a countdown of the top ten signature moves in the sport of MMA.

#10 Bas Rutten’s Liver Punch

One of the first fighters to be known specifically for one move was Rutten. He has three finishes by attacking the liver, and he talks about it constantly even after his career has ended. When you see how effective the move is, you start to really question why people do not use it more, because this move shows that you do not have to punch the head to stop a fighter.