As the sport of MMA continues to grow, fighters continue to become more creative. Whether it is Jose Aldo’s Superman punch off the cage, Anthony Pettis’s “Showtime” kick, or Edson Barboza’s spinning heel-kick, there will always be a place for flair in the Octagon. Even before fighters were jumping off the cage, their were fighters like Bas Rutten and Chuck Liddell who inspired others to try new things. This list counts down those fighters who take risks to show their skill, innovation, and ingenuity.

#10 Nick Diaz

While it was not that effective in his debut with the UFC, over the years Diaz has perfected his cluster-punch style. In some bouts, Diaz has thrown as many as 200 punches in a single round, and that is more strikes than some fighters throw in their career. This style has been adapted by his brother Nate, and for people that say it cannot knock people out, look no further than Robbie Lawler, Frank Shamrock or Paul Daley.

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