Recently, we did article on the site about the top ten arrests of MMA fighters. While it was an interesting article, real fans of the sport know that the majority of fighters are not criminals. In fact, a lot of them have prevented deaths and crimes. In this article we will be counting down the top ten MMA heroes, because the way things are going, the public needs to be reminded there are still good Samaritans in the world.

#10 Antoni Hardonk

After hearing this story you know Hardonk is one tough customer. After three men pulled a knife on him at the airport, Hardonk told them to try it, and they must have been scared by 6’4″ heavyweight. Then, as he was driving home, he saw the trio trying to rob someone else. He ran from the car and attacked the three criminals, knocking two of them the ground while the third got away. Luckily, the criminal was so scared he dropped the wallet he had just stolen. Hardonk had this to say about the incident, “[They were] really young guys, and I think they were probably on drugs or something. It’s too bad. But I didn’t think it was right just to stand by and do nothing.”