In today’s countdown we will list the top ten fight camps of 2012, and the fighters that helped put the camp on the list with their performances. In recent months, the super camps have drawn criticism from pundits, saying that they are likely the cause of the multiple injuries. As of now, it does not look like things will be changing, but who knows at the end of 2013 this countdown could look completely different.

#10 Cesar Gracie Fight Team

The Cesar Gracie fight team would have been a lot higher on the list if some of its best fighters did not have such rough years. The Diaz brothers helped give the team some clout in 2011 with their very skilful performances over BJ Penn and Donald Cerrone, but they’ve faltered this year. Losses to Carlos Condit and Benson Henderson, along with suspensions of Nick Diaz and Jake Shields, and the relative inactivity of Gilbert Melendez have hurt the camp. What is saving them is the title fights lined up for early 2013. Nick Diaz will finally face GSP in a welterweight title fight, and Gilbert Melendez looks to give the team a second crack at UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson. Not bad for a small team from Stockton.