By: David “Doc” Schroyer

There are a lot of fights that have not or will never happen in MMA due to promotional shake-ups, injuries, retirements and other hurdles. Some of these fights could still happen, but none of them have happened yet. So here is our list of the top ten fights MMA that have never happened.

10. Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre


Anderson Silva versus George St-Pierre is one of the longest-rumored superfights in the history of the UFC. The UFC’s most dominant champions would be squaring off in an effort to prove who is the pound-for-pound best. For the UFC, this match has both positives and negatives. They could host the event in Canada or Brazil, where they would be guaranteed a sellout show with major fan involvement leading up to the fight and phenomenal PPV buys. Unfortunately, the downside is someone must lose, and that will not only destroy either’s legacy, but it will destroy their invincible allure.