by Karl Fletcher

Narrowing down all the thunderous knockouts in MMA history to a Top 5 list is not an easy task.  This list is subjective, and bound to spark debate. So comment and share your favorite knockouts, but the knockouts described below are some of the most thrilling fight-enders in the sport. Just a word of advice, though: don’t blink.

5. Rashad Evans vs. Chuck Liddell

Liddell was trying to make a comeback when he met Evans in the cage at UFC 88. Liddell was known as a dangerous striker capable of putting his opponents out with a single shot. Evans took advantage of Liddell’s habit of dropping his left hand, and hit him with an overhand right that sent the former light-heavyweight champion to the canvas. People may have been able to call Liddell’s loss to Quinton Jackson a fluke, but after this fight, it was proven that Liddell’s once legendary chin seemed to have disappeared overnight.