Top 3 Feats

1. The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With a total of 12 fights on the card, half of them were finished by submissions. MMA has been filled with what I would call “waves,” where one form of fighters are on top. It goes from standup fighters to ground fighters, and even though everyone is well rounded some you only primarily see one part of their game. Out of all the champions only Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have submission wins in their last four fights, and Jones is the only one that has more than one. So, tonight was a good night for BJJ practitioners.

2. Siyar Bahadurzada had one of the best debuts of any UFC fighter, knocking out his opponent in just 42 seconds. It was not any opponent either, he knocked out Paulo Thiago, a fighter who has wins over many tough opponents. Time will only tell if he can live up to his debut, but that highlight will be in the UFC for a long time.

3. John Maguire’s armbar of DeMarques Johnson. DeMarques and John fought for almost two solid rounds on the ground, and they traded submission for submission the whole time. Then it happened. John pulled off one of the  cleanest armbars I have seen inside the octagon in a long time.

Top 3 Failures

1. Thiago Silva’s loss to Alexander Gustafsson. Thiago Silva had the perfect chance to reassert himself into the top ten at Light-Heavyweight. Unfortunately he floundered, and has fallen to 1-3-0-1 in his last five fights after starting his career at 13-0. It’s hard to say where Thiago goes from here. He has only fought once a year for the last three years, and he supposedly was healthy for the first time in years for this fight. He will look to rebuild, but will not be anywhere near a main event for a long time.

2. Paulo Thiago’s 42 second knockout loss. Paulo started his UFC career out at 3-1 with a knockout win over Josh Koscheck and a competitive loss to Jon Fitch. Now, he is 1-3 in his last four fights and just got stopped for the first time. Like Thiago Silva, it is hard to see what Paulo can do from here. He has tremendous talent, but he has not had the best results in his last couple fights. At one time he contemplated a drop to 155 and now may be the time after this last devastating loss.

3. Damacio Page was one considered almost top 5 in the Bantamweight division. Since then he has dropped three consecutive fights. Jiu-jitsu is obviously his weak point with 6 of his seven losses coming by way of submission. If he wants to continue his career at the highest level, he needs to fix his one fault. Jackson’s camp may be great, but it is not filled with renowned BJJ players. If Damacio was smart he would hook up with a camp like Cesar Gracie who holds some of the best ground fighters in the game.