The UFC end of the year pay-per-view is a tradition that reaches back all the way to 2006 when Chuck Liddell defended his title in a rematch against Tito Ortiz. Since then the UFC has tried to stack their year end cards with some of the best fights. Before the UFC ends the New Year in style once again, let’s look back at the top twelve best fights that have happened in the past five year’s events.

#12 Pat Barry vs. Dan Evensen (UFC 92)

Starting off at number 12 is none other than resident UFC class clown, Pat Barry. While not the most consistent fighter in the octagon, Barry always looks to excite and get the finish. He proved that in his UFC debut when he beat Dan Evensen by TKO, via leg kicks. This was just the beginning of Barry’s UFC career, but he showed how dangerous he was standing in just over two and a half minutes

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