The sport of MMA started with  having no rules, but those days are long gone. Now the sport is regulated in most states, and fighters have to adhere to a certain amount of rules.  We will be taking a look at the ten most underutilized moves in all of MMA. While of course all of them have been used, you don’t see them often, and the use of them could help determine the outcome of any fight.

#10 Knees to the body

While knees to the head are illegal on the ground, you’re allowed to knee your opponent in the body. Not the most widely used move, but they can be seen used effectively by Georges St. Pierre when he fought Matt Serra the second time. It’s much more effective than trying to wing punches when someone is turtled up covering their face with their hands.

Rashad Evans (Knee to the Body and Punches) Tito Ortiz