With 2012 over and the fight scene shifting to what is ahead, this is a great time to reflect on the past year.  2012 will most likely be known as the year of injuries. There were some real superstars that emerged, whether they be re-surging veterans, newcomers to the sport, or just fighters that once again reasserted their dominance. So, whether you agree with the list, it is always up to debate, but there is no denying any of these fighters had a great 2012.

#10 Marcos Galvao

Galvao is a great fighter, but he suffered from some of the worst officiating in MMA. Almost every major MMA website had scored the fight for him when he fought Joe Warren, but the judges did not think agree and awarded the decision to Warren. Then when he faced Alexis Vila in a Bellator tournament. The bout was close, but Bellator still awarded him his win bonus based on his performance. 2012 was his year though as he finally made it to the finals and won the season 6 bantamweight tournament, and now friend Eduardo Dantas is on the plate for early 2013.

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