James Toney has yet to take part in a mixed martial arts bout, and is already mapping out his professional mixed martial arts career. Speaking on MMAWeekly Radio, Toney revealed that he is already looking past his first opponent, UFC Hall of Famer, and former champion in two weight classes, Randy Couture.

When asked about his upcoming fight with Couture, Toney said, “After I knock out Randy Couture, I’m coming for Brock’s bitch ass next.” Toney added to his bombast, saying, “I have to fight the best. I am the best. I wanted to fight Brock Lesnar, but unfortunately at the time he was sick.”

Despite his supreme confidence in his burgeoning mixed martial arts career, Toney has decided to continue boxing while competing for the UFC, and proclaimed himself “officially a two-sport athlete.” Toney also said he feels confident that he will soon be both a boxing champion, and the UFC Heavyweight champion. Toney added that he plans to hold both titles concurrently.

James Toney makes his professional mixed martial arts debut against Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston on August 28.