Despite its shock value, UFC 162 and the end of Anderson Silva’s historic reign hasn’t changed the fact that another of the planet’s best fighters, Jose Aldo, is a massive favorite heading into his UFC 163 tilt with Chan Sung Jung. So how big a favorite is the featherweight champ? It looks like the betting lines range from having Aldo at -700 all the to -800. Now that’s one sided.

In a recent interview with the outlet M Fight, Jung was asked to comment on his underdog status, and not surprisingly “The Korean Zombie” seems to be embracing it (quote via Cor MMA):

“I will agree to some degree. Aldo has always been perfect, but those words just give me strength. It’s always more fun to beat an opponent you aren’t suppose to beat than to beat someone you should beat. I want to be that “protagonist”.

TKZ also revealed in the interview that he’ll make 20K to show for the title fight, and another 20K if he pulls off the upset win. The South Korean fighter will reportedly not make a cut off the pay-per-view sales. Jung also noted that MMA is apparently not as popular in his homeland as before, and that as a result:

I believe I am a very popular fighter, but I do not make a lot of money. There is definitely a problem with that. MMA was at its peak in South Korea when Hong Man Choi fought Fedor Emelianenko. Hong Man Choi was a huge star in South Korea; there isn’t anyone like that anymore. TV ratings were 10% in those days, now they are barely 1-2%. South Korea needs a star like that for MMA to flourish. I am lacking in a lot of ways, but hopefully I can become a star with the way I fight.

Considering his abilities, aggressive style and the fact he’s only 26, chances are TKZ’s best pay days are in front of him, win or lose on August 3rd.