When TJ Grant was forced out of his UFC 164 bout with Benson Henderson, due to a serious concussion, immediately some folks started screaming the fix was in (since it cleared the way for a long awaited rematch with Henderson and Anthony Pettis ). While some people had a hard time swallowing that conspiracy theory, now critics are questioning Grant’s decision to pass on a scrap with Pettis on December 14th. Clearly the increasing and scary revelations about the dangers of concussions aren’t sinking in with certain ‘fans.’

Grant fired back at the conspiracy theorists prior to UFC 164, and now the rising lightweight has responded to those who believe he isn’t ‘manning up’ to fight at UFC on FOX 9. While speaking to MMA Junkie.com recently Grant stated:

“At first, just people questioning me like that, originally I was pretty upset,” Grant said “Just like, ‘Oh yeah, suck it up.’ I actually had a couple people say things like, ‘I played football with a concussion,’ and I was just like, well, you’re an idiot.”

Not only should Grant consider his long term health, but since he has been suffering from a concussion, the vet hasn’t been able to spend much time in the gym either.

“This latest one [against Anthony Pettis], it was just hanging around and it’s been three months, so I just wanted to take the time and heal up,” Grant said. “When they offered the fight for Dec. 14, I just knew I’m not ready. Maybe in a month I’ll be 100 percent healed. But also, I haven’t been on the mats for three months. There’s just too much unknown to be able to commit.”

Hopefully Grant will be ready to throw down in early 2014 and resume his title shot hunt.

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