Just over a year ago, TJ Dillashaw was stepping into the cage against Renan Barao as a heavy underdog. Now, after dethroning Barao, defeating another challenger, and utterly crushing Barao again in a rematch – which headlined last night’s UFC on FOX 16 – it’s clear that the Team Alpha Male star is the absolute king of the bantamweight division.

Dillashaw left no room for doubt. As dominant Barao had been in dispatching all comers in his reign at the top, the American made him look outclassed and outmatched at every turn. From the opening bell, Dillashaw danced with confidence, materializing before Barao to draw out a strike, only to disappear, and when Barao missed, Dillashaw reappeared to crack him over and over again in the face.

To his credit, the Brazilian stuffed every takedown, and briefly scored one of his own. But it mattered not when he kept eating punch after punch, and by the fourth round rolled around, Barao was a shell of a man. One flurry and it was over at the 35-second mark, and the referee had to step in and save the once-fearsome fighter from certain death.

There’s no question about it now: TJ Dillashaw is the best. By far.