In this recent video from MMA Connected, Tito Ortiz speaks out about Josh Koscheck’s upcoming fight against Georges St. Pierre. Ortiz sang the praises of GSP saying that Koscheck has no chance against him, and that hopes GSP beats him

Ortiz also had some things to say about Koscheck via his Twitter account…

“gsp is going to slap him around like a little girl.”

this jerry curl wantabe Tito is two faced. talks shit behind my back but can’t say it to my face. nappy hair Ho just wants attention!

there u got some attention. Win a world title then he cam talk shit! GSP will beat his ass and everyone will forget about him. Sideshow bob about

I say it how I see it.

I won’t say another word about him. I though we were cool. but come to find out he is just two faced bitch. enuff said! Let’s Go GSP!”

Source: Mixed Martial Arts/ MMA Connected