Could we see the return of the polarizing former light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz? According to Ortiz himself it’s very unlikely, as he begins his management career, but not impossible. After a recent  neck surgery and an upcoming ACL surgery, Ortiz will be looking to continue competing in amateur wrestling and could consider a return to MMA. When asked if there was anyone that he would come out of retirement for, Ortiz was quick to answer Frank Shamrock.

“There’s a possibility of me doing jiu jitsu again. I’ve been going to a lot of these amateur wrestling meets with my son, who’s 10 years old now. Maybe we could do a father-son wrestling meet or something. Right now, I’m only four weeks out of neck surgery, and then I have to get the ACL surgery. I still need to recover from that before I start thinking about anything, and if I’ll compete again. You never know, I may come out of retirement. It’s all about how my body recovers. Right now, I just want to focus on my family and my businesses. Right now, the chances of me coming out of retirement are about one in a million.” – Via

 The choice for Frank may likely stem from back in Sept. 1999 when the two faced off at UFC 22. Fighting in only his sixth fight, Ortiz lost via verbal tap to strikes. The loss is likely one Ortiz would rather erase.