Tito Ortiz will have his last fight in the octagon come UFC 148, but not before adding one more accolade to his storied career. Dana White has announced that the former light-heavyweight champion will be the 9th inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame prior to his last bout. At one point the idea of Tito being inducted was laughed at because of the troubled relationship he had with Dana White. Now, Dana says, 

“Yeah we’re good. I have no beef with Tito.”

He even complimented the former champion stating,

“He pound for pound was doing some of the most damage at a time when we were hurting, but it’s part of our history the way the storylines played out between me, Chuck and Tito. He’s definitely a part of the history of the sport.”

Tito has even become a company man of sorts last year. He took a headlining bout against Rashad Evans just three weeks after an improbable win over Ryan Bader.

Tito’s last bout will be a third matchup with former division champion Forrest Griffin. The fighter’s history goes back to when Tito returned to the UFC after a hiatus, and they fought to a decision. Many thought Griffin had won the bout, but the decision went to Ortiz. When the two hooked them up it was another close bout, but with the decision going to Griffin. This will be Ortiz’s last match, and he may be able to go out on a win. Regardless of win or loss, with his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame his legacy will not be forgotten.