Tito Ortiz talks with HDNet’s Inside MMA about his recent stitches that removed him from his bout against Lil’ Nog. Ortiz also explains that he would like to finish the trilogy against Forrest Griffin after seeing Griffin trash him on Twitter.

“I did it about three and a half months into training, I was at Rafael Cordeiro‚Äôs training doing my Muay Thai, I think we went into the 10th round about 10 seconds left in the 10th round and one of my training partners went to go throw a right hand (and) he was southpaw, I was orthodox, I was throwing a right hand at the same time. His head was a little lower than mine and it caught me right above the bridge of my eyebrow and went straight to the bone in my skull and gave me 22 stitches.”

“Kind of stopped for a second, everything went out and looked like it was black for a second. Didn’t knock me out unconscious but I took a knee, stood up and I looked in the mirror and blood just came gushing down. …I called Dana, and he had me come out and see one of his doctors and they said I had a minor concussion.”