For years,  fans, pundits and fighters alike, have wondered what can be done to limit the number of eye pokes that occur in fights. After all, not only is it an awful way to have a fight end, but the fighter’s safety should be paramount. While fighters can be urged to watch their fingers and to try and keep them out of their opponent’s eye socket, it’s not so easy when you having someone attacking you in a cage.

Well, in the latest addition of “UFC Tonight”, UFC Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner relayed that the promotion is working on the problem.

“We’re working with a glove manufacturer to make a glove that is a little more curved, so hopefully that will make it tougher for someone to stick a finger in an eye. Also, the ref can’t do anything more than say, ‘Can you see?’ to the fighter after he gets poked in the eye. If he says he can’t see, the ref has to stop the fight. We want the ref to not ask the question, but to let a doctor come out, examine the fighter and make the decision, which will take two to three minutes and give the eye some time to clear up and the fighter could get to continue the fight.”

That’s welcome news about the gloves, as well the move to have a doctor determine if a fighter can proceed before a bout’s called (case in point, Gian Villante’s controversial loss to Ovince St. Preux). Ratner also had this to say about the ongoing crusade to get MMA sanctioned in New York.

“It’s not a matter of if, but it’s a matter of when. This year we passed in the senate. In the assembly, we had the majority leader of the assembly sponsor it. But they never had a vote go to the floor. It’s not the democratic process and it’s un-American. But we’re a fighting company and we’re going to keep fighting and get it happen.”

It will be a great day when it happens. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news.