Chad Mendes will enter the Octagon an underdog this Saturday night against UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, at around two-to-one odds — and it’s not too hard to see why.

Just look at the numbers:

Aldo defeated Mendes via first round knockout in their first encounter back in January 2012.

Aldo has won 17 straight MMA bouts, including nine successful title defenses, since May of 2006.  (Mendes only has 17 total bouts on his record.)

To top it off, the bout will be contested in Aldo’s native Brazil.

Last week, our own Jim Genia predicted Mendes is “going to get slaughtered” — noting, “Whether you agree (i.e., you have a brain) or you disagree (i.e., you are Chad Mendes himself), you can’t argue that Aldo is the undisputed king of messing people up.”

Well, as we learned in a recent FOX interview, Mendes disagrees.

“I think I’ve caught up and passed him up,” Mendes says of the dominant champion Aldo. “I truly believe this is my time. We’ve seen his reign for a while, but I’ve studied him, I’ve fought him. I truly believe it’s my turn.”

“I truly believe that I can (finish him),” Mendes adds. “I know I hit hard. I’m fast and I’m powerful. If I can land one of those on anybody in the division, I can put them to sleep. I truly believe I can finish a guy like Jose Aldo.”

Mendes, a two-time NCAA All-American wrestler, has won five straight MMA bouts since his loss to Aldo.