You know you’re doing your job well when everyone is clamoring to fight you and you’re nowhere near being the champ. But such is the plight of reviled Brit Michael Bisping, whose skills put him near the top of the division but far from the belt, and whose mouth puts him at number one on almost every fighters’ hit list. And according to FOX Sports‘ Damon Martin, next in line for a crack at “The Count” might be Tim Kennedy.

The event where this showdown will take place will be the TUF Nations Finale on April 16 in Canada (this season of TUF Nations pits Canadians against Australians), and the bout is expected to be a five-round contest. Of course, with Bisping coming off some serious eye surgery, the match-up is contingent on the Brit being medically cleared to fight. As per FOX Sports:

Sources close to the situation confirmed the bout to FOX Sports on Saturday, but the fight has not been signed nor have bout agreements been issued for one major reason.

“I was cleared to fight by my doctor. My doctor wrote a letter to the UFC, clearing me 100%. The UFC very kindly offered me a fight against Tim Kennedy. No bout agreements are signed as yet, but unfortunately for me the UFC want to do some more testing to cover their side of things. They don’t want anything to go wrong with my eye,” Bisping told BT Sport’s Beyond the Octagon earlier this week.

“So I’ve got to do a visual field test, that should be taking place pretty quickly, I’m assuming. I want to get it done ASAP and get this fight locked away.”

Kennedy is coming off an impressive KO victory over Rafael Natal at UFC: Fight for the Troops 3; Bisping won a technical decision over Alan Belcher at UFC 159 when Belcher was accidentally eye poked and couldn’t continue.