Being an MMA fighter is tough, but you know what’s even tougher? FIGHTING TERRORISTS IN REAL LIFE.

Thankfully, former Strikeforce champ Tim Kennedy has some real life training and experience in that area – he’s a US Army Green Beret, after all – so he’s well equipped for that sort of thing. Still, it must suck when you get credible threats from terrorists and the FBI has to investigate.

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As per the Army Times:

Special Forces soldier and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is working with the FBI in the face of some “recent credible threats” against him by followers of the Islamic State group.

“Just spoke to the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS,” Kennedy wrote Wednesday evening on his official Facebook page. “They were not overly thrilled with my response … ‘Let those cowards come.’”

Kennedy, who served in 7th Special Forces Group and is now a sergeant first class with the Texas National Guard, said he typically gets five to 10 threats a day via his social media accounts.

Most of those threats are from what he calls “military trolls” who target high-profile military figures.

“Apparently a couple of them were legitimate in trying to, from what the FBI said, plan stuff,” Kennedy told Army Times.

The FBI reached out to Kennedy Wednesday.

Well, that sucks. But hey, if any MMA fighter can take out a terrorist, it’s Kennedy.